â€ĶI am part of a company – DeCORE, which was formed as a subcontractor company to service the needs of various groups (called mass bands) in the carnival. We build prototypes and costumes for other mass bands.

Some of my top-rated events.

The silk road

in conjunction with Peoples World Carnival Band

The silk road | 2017

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Pirates of the Caribbean

in conjunction with hotwax

Pirates of the Caribbean | 2018

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Hotwax Promotions

in conjunction with the band “Elements”

Hotwax Promotions| 2019

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Here are a selection of my projects highlights and design categories

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My work is now continuing with De Core UK and other groups/organisations in their own Carnival Development, focusing on production and presentation. We collaborate and have cultural exchanges involving countries such as Nigeria, Trinidad, Germany, France, Denmark and London Notting Hill Carnival, were my designs have been presented.

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Since 2018

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